6 Steps to Start your Gothia Cup Trip


How does it start?   How does a team of teen-age American soccer players and their coaches, and some fans and parents enjoy the most amazing international experience?  How does it go from the idea of: “that would be cool……I would like to do this trip”…..to……………….we did it!  We had the idea, we organized it and it was even better than I thought it would be!?

I am the “coach’s wife” and watched this birthing process for many years.  These are the steps I see happen with every successful team trip:

#1 SHARE your dream and vision for the trip with EVERYONE on the team, not just your best friends!   Is your team excited? Do they share your excitement with your team to compete at the  Gothia Cup?

#2 CONTACT Team Stay Sports, share the details of your team, where you live and your soccer experience, what is your age group and WHY you are excited to travel internationally with your team?  We will help you by providing a suggested itinerary, an estimated price and coach to help you with the “next step”.

#3 Schedule a TEAM MEETING with players, coaches and parents.  A representative from Team Stay Sports can be present at this meeting and will be able to present specifics regarding the trip.

#4  COMMIT to this interest with a down-payment /per person to Team Stay Sports. We will help you with fund raising ideas, how to gain additional support and all things needed to make this trip HAPPEN!!

#5 Does your team need a few more “players” to fulfill the goal of a full team?  Identify other clubs and/or age-groups within your own club who might want to be part of this travel time and contact those players

#6 The team is established and you have enough players to support this trip!  Establish some fund raising goals and a schedule for payments, develop a “travel team” practice schedule and the count-down to Gothia Cup begins!planning

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