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General Information

How does this work?

Team Stay Sports brings interested US soccer teams to the Gothia Cup every year. Trips are open to girls and boys teams ages U-14 to U-19. The ideal age groups are players in U-15 and U-16 level. Your travel teams can be a combination of one club, combination of clubs or an All Star team, you put together. Parents are of course welcome to be part of this amazing lifetime experience.

Each Team Stay Sports tour is typically a 15 day trip based around The Gothia Cup, the largest youth soccer tournament in the world. Each customized trip can include 2-3 days in Stockholm, Sweden, 4 days homestaying with a youth soccer club in Malmo, Sweden, and a host of other activities suited to your teams interests.

The Gothia Cup Tournament takes 7 days of your trip, players are housed as a team in a school. Players travel as a group (with their chaperons) via bus to the games, practices, and other activities. Family members, parents, and your tour leader(s) stay at hotels in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Contact Team Stay Sports and we will work with you to develop an itinerary that works for your team.

Who can go?

Team Stay Sports Scandinavian trips are open to girls and boys teams ages U-14 to U-19. Trips can work with any age but the ideal age group are players in the U-15/16 level. Travel teams can be from one club, a combination of clubs, or an all star team.

Who leads the tour?

A Guide will work in conjunction with you and your team to support your itinerary.

When do the trips take place?

Each Gothia Cup tour is organized around the dates of the Gothia Cup. The Gothia cup itself is typically July 15-21st. The length of each trip varies based on the destinations and stops desired. Our typical trips feature a destination before and after the Gothia Cup.

How far in advance are trips planned?

Many teams try to organize their trips over a one or two year period. We strongly recommend starting early especially if your team is interested in our homestay options so we can locate appropriate soccer clubs to match your team.


How do Homestays work?

Team Stay Sports has a great working relationship with many of the clubs in the Malmo, Sweden. Once we have a team interested in doing a homestay we work with a club in the Malmo area that will be a good fit for your team. Our local contacts are involved with these clubs and their families. Everything involving where and with whom players are staying is planned far in advance and parents and chaperons will always know where everyone is.

Where do players homestay?

Player will stay in the homes of a similar age/gender soccer club in Malmo. Minimum two players are housed together with one family. A player is never housed alone with a family. Parents and chaperons typically stay in nearby hotels and lodging.

How long do players homestay?

Homestays are typically 4 days.

Are homestays always available?

No, homestays may be limited depending on the size and amount of teams and how far in advance the trip is booked. To date TSS has been extremely successful in securing wonderful homestays but we must stress the importance of planning ahead so these wonderful families in Malmo have time to consider and plan.


How many soccer games are played?

The Gothia Cup tournament is a minimum of 4 soccer games. Tours that visit Stockholm or other locations add 2-3 more friendly games.

What is the competition level?

Games played at the Gothia Cup are an open draw but typically teams are highly competitive. We match the difficulty of the friendly games to the talent of your team.

What other soccer events are possible?

Every trip is customized to you. Some examples of past events outside of the Gothia cup can be:

  • Friendly games with local soccer clubs is a staple addition to every trip.
  • Players often do sessions with Swedish trainers.
  • When available we always try to see a pro soccer game in Malmo

Trust and Safety

Safety and Trust?

The safety of our teams and everyone along is our number one priority. Players, parents, coaches and chaperons will have the opportunity to get to know us during the planning phase and we’ve made many lifelong friends over the years. TeamStay sports is proud of our safety and security policies and proud of our past history without incident.

We teach all players the “rules” of safe travel while abroad as a part of TeamStay Sports and frequently reinforce this teaching before and during the trip. All players are required to sign a code of conduct which again reinforces and encourages safe behaviors so everyone can have a great time.

Players are never “let loose” into any city we visit. Everyone is sorted into groups so that safety is ensured. We know these cities well and will explain everything important before and during the trip.

Code of Conduct

We require all players to sign a code of conduct when participating in our Gothia Cup trips. We believe it is very important both for safety and because each team we take is a representation of the United states of America in the Gothia Cup. The Gothia Cup has over 1600 youth soccer teams from over 80 counties! This is a fantastic opportunity for our youth to gain cultural experience and be proud to take part in it.

Refund Policy

Once you deposit money with TSS you do not receive a refund.

Exceptions are a death in the family or an inability to play or travel. Examples would be an ACL tear, broken leg, health issues that prevent travel. Refunds would vary depending on when you cancel. Cancellation policy on exceptions per person:


  1. Cancellation in the first 120 days after teams 1st deposit, $500 will be lost.
  2. Cancellation 300-251 days prior to trip departure, $800 will be lost.
  3. Cancellation 250-160 days prior to trip departure $1000 will be lost.
  4. Cancellation 159-95 days prior to trip departure $1200 will be lost.
  5. Cancellation 94-60 days prior to trip departure $1600 will be lost.
  6. Cancellation 59-0 days prior to departure 100% money deposited lost.


In the 59-0 window TSS will request money back from suppliers but there are no guarantees the suppliers will grant the request. We try to be very thoughtful when difficult issues come up and will do all we can to get money back if possible.

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