Homestays in Malmo, Sweden

Quote from above video Interview with Rob Pipal on Home stays in Malmo, Sweden. “Our goal at Team Stay Sports is to combine this great cultural experience of home stays and also great soccer to provide a lifetime experience for the kids.”

Homestays in Malmo. A unique and important cultural experience for your team


Homestays in Malmo is an optional yet encouraged part of our Gothia Cup tours. In fact, no team to date has declined the experience. After many tours to the Gothia cup with many teams the Homestay portion of the trip has become a unique and important part of what Team Stay Sports offers. Please watch the video below for a wonderful interview from both players and the families hosting in Sweden from our 2019 trip. Read on for some history of how homestays started or click here to jump to the details of how it works.


“Definitely do it! 100% do it! I would do it 100 more times! Like the people you meet and the things you see…it’s unforgettable!” – Annelise and Jenna


The Homestay Experience


On the first Gothia Cup trip we took, our U15 girls team had the opportunity to homestay in Malmo with a local soccer club. Our good friends and contacts in Malmo made all this possible. The apprehension from players at first was a mixture of apprehension and excitement.


This was something players hadn’t done before



Malmo, Sweden

After four days spent with wonderful Swedish families our players were reluctant to leave their new friends. What once began as apprehension ended with tearful goodbyes and exchanges of emails, Facebook pages, and promises of lifelong friendships. Since that first trip Team Stay Sports has expanded our ability to connect with Malmo soccer clubs and pair players with families in Malmo for a unique and truly one-of-a-kind experience.

A previous player describes her experience as ” We got to know each other, hanging out with their friends just like we do at home. They loved showing off Malmo to us. I remember eating delicious Swedish food; the most amazing Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce, and the cutest little pancakes for breakfast that were so good.”


Every experience is unique


Each team that goes to the Gothia Cup will have a unique homestay experience in Malmo. Some teams will organize large group picnics and gatherings, inviting all the parents to join in. Other teams are focused more on what happens in each individual home. Historically, previous teams have described this portion of the trip as their highlight. There is always initial apprehension and fear soon replaced by the discovery they’re not so different — especially with the vast amount of common ground that soccer provides.

Don't Just Visit, Live it!


Homestay: How it Works

You have decided to do homestays as part of the Team Stay Sports itinerary. Now what? Once we know we have a team that wants to homestay, our contacts in Malmo start the process of finding a team of the age and gender that fits your team. We have many teams in the Malmo area we work with, it is a process of finding the right fit for your team.

Summer is vacation time in Sweden just like in the US so we look for a club that works the best for your team. Many of the US teams have 18 players requiring TSS to find nine homes with two of our players in each home. Sometime there are three in a home but in a majority of the homestays it’s two in a home.

Now the adventure begins!!

Homestay Quick Facts

  • Matched with Malmo Soccer Club
  • 2-3 Players per home
  • Same age group and gender
  • Players typically stay 4 days

Recent Malmo Clubs

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