During the summer of 2011, I had the wonderful opportunity to take my first plane ride on a trip to Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. Prior to the trip, I knew that I would create new, wonderful memories, but those thoughts cannot compare to my actual experience. My team had been playing together for about 7 years and the trip allowed us to grow closer together. While the soccer aspect was on the top of my list for being the best part of the trip, I would say my favorite memory was being able to walk around Gothenburg, Sweden with my teammates taking in the culture. We also did a home stay on our journey, which allowed me to create lifelong relationships with girls my age on the other side of the world.  Even 4 years later when I meet with friends from the trip we always bring up some memory that we can have a laugh about. If you are on the fence about this trip, my advice would be to seize the opportunity because those memories from the experience will last you a lifetime.
Hannah Whitington

2013 Player as a U-15

Playing the game I love while playing in a different country was outstanding, but learning to be independent and learning the things I needed to learn in the real world was the best part of the trip.

2013 Player as U-15

“Can you believe this I am standing next to Marta. She was so cool!”

2015 Player as U-15

The experience allowed me to develop a broader understanding of the world and diversity of the different cultures that exist through one common language, soccer

2011 Player as U-16

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